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Tesla Motors (TSLA) Producing Model S Beta Models As Interest Remains Strong

Tesla Motors (TSLA) appears to be on track for a launch of its much anticipated Model S electric sedan for next year.  The company has begun assembling beta versions of the vehicle, a few of which will make its way into Tesla showrooms later in the year.

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The success of Tesla will most likely be closely tied to the success of its Model S because they … Read the rest

Rumor That Tesla (TSLA) Has 1st Model S Prototype Finished

Venture Beat is reporting that comments made at Engadget reveal that Tesla has finished its first prototype Model S electric sedan which isn’t expected to go on sale until 2012.  Apparently a Model S manufacturing employee Brian Z Jones made a comment on Engadget commenting on the first run of the prototype:

“I just got to see the 1st Alpha proto run…. And, boy, did that thing run! The production vehicle will be as … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) Unveils Home Of Model S Production

Tesla (TSLA) has unveiled not only the only auto manufacturing plant in California, but the first plant dedicated solely to electric car production at the former NUMMI site which it purchased in May.  Called the “Tesla Factory” (catchy eh?), will be used to produce the all electric sedan, the Model S and possibly other electric vehicles.

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“This is a momentous day in Tesla history, … Read the rest

NYT On Tesla (TSLA) & Elon Musk: Hype & Arrogance Don’t Equal Success

The New York Times published a lengthy profile of Tesla Motors (TSLA) co-founder (should say disputed co-founder) Elon Musk on Sunday, highlighting the fact Mr. Musk is an excellent salesman and perhaps a bit too confident.  Call it borderline arrogance.  I suppose you don’t become a mega millionaire at a young age without at least a hint of those elements. 

The article peels away the glitter and the glam and cuts to the core, which … Read the rest

Cramer On Tesla IPO (TSLA): Only Good For A Test Drive

I don’t often agree with Jim Cramer’s recommendation of when to enter or exit a position, but I think he’s spot on in regards to the Tesla IPO which begins trading next week under the ticker TSLA.  This is a company that is currently all hype and hope.  While the company has some big names behind it including “the taxpayer”, success is far from guaranteed and profits will be a good 3 years away only … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) IPO Set For June 29th

The CBOE IPO is the hot IPO on everyone’s radar today, but in a couple weeks all eyes will be on the Tesla Motors IPO.  The much hyped electric car maker with big name investors such as the Google founders, the Abu Dhabi government, Daimler and even the US government behind it, hopes to raise another $178 million through the IPO.  Toyota Motors (TM) will inject another $50 million in the stock upon a successful Read the rest