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Tesla (TSLA) IPO A Success: Increased Share Offering & Priced Above Expected Range

All the hype around Tesla Motors (TSLA) appears to have investors clamoring for a piece as the company increased the share offering by 20% and priced at $17/share which is higher than the expected range of $14 – 16, raising nearly $50 million more than expected.  Elon Musk must be a very happy man this morning. 

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Now that the IPO is behind them and a smashing … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) IPO Set For June 29th

The CBOE IPO is the hot IPO on everyone’s radar today, but in a couple weeks all eyes will be on the Tesla Motors IPO.  The much hyped electric car maker with big name investors such as the Google founders, the Abu Dhabi government, Daimler and even the US government behind it, hopes to raise another $178 million through the IPO.  Toyota Motors (TM) will inject another $50 million in the stock upon a successful Read the rest

Tesla & Toyota (TM) To Develop EV Prototype By Year End, But Partnership Hinges On Tesla IPO

Kyodo News (via Street Insider) is reporting that Toyota and Tesla will co-develop a prototype electric car by year end and this is according to Toyota sources. 

It was announced on May 21st that Toyota would invest $50 million in Tesla Motors and would partner to produce the Model S electric sedan at a recently closed Toyota/GM plant in Fremont, California.  It’s not clear what the prototype will be, but I assume it will … Read the rest