3 Green Stocks To Watch: RSOL, CPST, ESLR

About once a week I’ll start highlighting a few stocks that I think are offering bullish setups.  Please keep in mind though that this is a watch list and not a recommendation to buy or sell.  Please do your own research.  The following stocks recently moved big with record buy volume…

The first green stock I want to mention is Real Goods Solar (RSOL).  The stock soared with record volume on June 5th following news of a $30 million contract with the California School district.  Since that time, the stock has digested gains in a very healthy manner and may be poised to begin moving up again in a big way.  Sell volume is drying up and buyers may begin stepping up soon.  Look for big volume to accompany any up move as a signal that the next move up is beginning.  Disclosure: I am long RSOL at 2.80.

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The next stock is Capstone (CPST) which judging by the amount of comments on my last post about the C30 microturbine integrated into the Ford S-Max, is on the radar of quite a few.  It’s certainly on my radar too due to the record volume breakout on the news followed by the orderly pull back similar to what we’re seeing in RSOL.  It’s possible it continues to digest the move and fill the gap just below .80 but any spike in price and volume from here may indicate the next leg up is about to begin.  Disclosure: no position in CPST.

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The third and final stock I want to mention today is Evergreen Solar (ESLR) which staged a record volume breakout above the 50 day moving average on June 10th on no news, pushing it quickly into the next level of resistance at the 200 day moving average.  It may be gearing up for another run at that 200 day moving average soon.  It’s also been consolidating gains quietly and testing what is new support at the 50 day moving average (in red) around 2.20.  Again, any pick up in price and volume from here may signal the next move up is underway.  Disclosure: no position in ESLR

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