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Capstone Turbine (CPST) To Help Power “Green” Ship With LNG Microturbines

Capstone Turbine (CPST) announced a recent order for two C30 liquid natural gas (LNG) microturbines to be used aboard a Type C tanker for the main power supply.  Some of the heat will also be recycled to power the microturbine and the main propulsion engines.

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"The customer selected low-emission Capstone microturbines for this innovative vessel to take advantage of Capstone’s ultra-low emissions as well as our low … Read the rest

Capstone Turbine (CPST) Releases Ultra Low Emission CR200 KW Microturbine

Capstone Turbine just announced that it has released a new product: the Ultra Low Emission CR200 kW. The new microturbine is used for producing energy from waste gas and meets California’s Waste Gas Emission Standards, and is able to burn waste gas with methane levels as low as 30%.

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In a press release,Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capstone Turbine Corporation, commented on the … Read the rest

Capstone Turbines (CPST) Announces Line of Hybrid Electric Drive Solutions, Supply Agreement With CalMotors

Capstone Turbines just announced that is now offering a full line of hybrid electric drive solutions, called Capstone Drive Solutions. To support the new product line, the company also announced a supply agreement with CalMotors, which will supply Capstone with inverter drives and traction motors for use in the systems.

CalMotors will provide these parts for a wide range of different vehicles. Traction motor sizes will range from 70kW to more than 300kW, to fit … Read the rest

Capstone Turbine (CPST) Shares Under Pressure On News Of Stock Offering

Capstone Turbine (CPST) shares are down about 10% in after hours trading after announcing it intends to offer shares of common stock in an public offering.  No word on how many shares the company will offer, but it’s expected to price before the bell tomorrow.

There is strong support in CPST at around 1.10 which happens to be the 200 day moving average.  Should it close below 1.10, a move to the buck level becomes … Read the rest

Capstone Turbine (CPST) Receives Follow On Order For 4 C65 Microturbines

Capstone Turbine (CPST) has received another order for its microturbines.  This morning the company has announced that it has received a follow on order for four of its C65 microturbines from a growing data center in Houston, bringing the total to 13 at the site. 

Data centers have proven to be a good market for Capstone.  The Syracuse University Green Data Center uses 12 Capstone Hybrid UPS microturbines which integrate the C65 microturbines with … Read the rest

Capstone (CPST) Gets C1000 Microturbine Order, Shows Strong Technical Action

Capstone Turbine (CPST) has announced a new order for its C1000 1MW microturbine from a large consumer goods manufacturer in Chicago.  The turbine will be used to supplement utility power and heat water in the manufacturer’s 250K sq ft plant.   The company estimates the energy savings is the equivalent of removing 700 cars from the road and expects it to pay for itself within four years.

Said CPST CEO Darren Jamison, “Capstone’s products are a … Read the rest

Capstone Turbine (CPST) Projects Receive $1.6 Million In Stimulus Funding

Capstone Turbine just announced that 2 of the nine projects from Pennsylvania chosen to receive American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding under Pennsylvania’s GreenWorks program were submitted by its Mid-Atlantic distributer, E-Finity Distributed Generation, and use Capstone’s technology.

The two projects will receive a combined $1.6 million in funding. They involve installing and maintaining a Capstone C1000 at Mount Joy Wire Corp and a Capstone C200 natural gas turbine at Philadelphia Gas Works.

In a … Read the rest

Capstone (CPST) Reveals The CMT-380 Hybrid Supercar

capstone turbine cmt-380 Capstone Turbine (CPST) is about to reveal its prototype CMT-380 hybrid-electric supercar at the LA Auto Show Dec 2 – 13.  The car, which is powered by lithium batteries and a 30kW microturbine engine has the specs of a half way decent sports car.. 0-60 in 3.9 sec, 150mp top speed along with the advantages of a hybrid electric.. 500 miles on a single tank of diesel or biodiesel and up to 80 miles on … Read the rest

Capstone (CPST) Receives Microturbine Follow On Orders Of $3 Million

Capstone Turbine (CPST) announced this morning follow on orders of $3 million from two large oil and gas companies in Australia and New Mexico.  The orders are for forty-two C30s, one C600 and one C1000 and are scheduled for delivery before the end of Capstone’s fiscal year on March 31st 2010.

The Australian order is from a company that has been pleased with the use of the C30 microturbines in their gas exploration operations and … Read the rest

Capstone Turbine (CPST) Receives $1.5 Million Colombian Order For Two C800 Microturbines

Capstone Turbine (CPST) is moving up about 5% today and continues to look very bullish on the daily chart following news of another order for its C800 microturbine systems.  The $1.5 million order is for a new 10 story building in Colombia and represents the first sale in this country and the 2nd in South America.  The microturbines will provide low emission base load power for the building as well as thermal energy for … Read the rest