Clean Energy & Climate Change Funds in the Omnibus Bill

A hat tip to Earth2Tech for laying out the components in the $410 omnibus bill that represent clean energy and climate change.  The “imperfect omnibus bill” was signed into law by Obama today behind closed doors.  Here’s to more government waste but at least there are some clean energy bucks in there..

* EPA gets $7.6 billion (increase of $174 million over last year).  $224 million for grants to states to implement the Clean Air Act, $60 million to reduce emissions from diesel engines and $50 million for the Energy Star program

* Dept of Energy gets $27 billion ($2.5 billion increase over last year) to continue to advance efforts to produce clean, efficient energy domestically.  $273 million to the auto industry to develop better batteries. 

* $232 million for programs to address climate change and another $2 billion to study it.   Hmm.. can you say wasteful spending?  I’m envisioning many government sponsored vacations (er, I mean research studies) to various exotic locations.

Check out the post at Earth2Tech for more details

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