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Tesla (TSLA) Says Cheaper Batteries Gets It To Profitability Quicker Than Nissan With LEAF

In an article over at Bloomberg a few days ago, Tesla Motors (TSLA) indicated it believes it can reach profitability much sooner with the Model S (still a year or two away from selling) than Nissan can with its LEAF electric car because of cheaper batteries.  Tesla said its battery cells which are similar to those used in laptops allow the company to reach profitability after 20K Model S’s sold which is far less than … Read the rest

Nissan (NSANY) Unveils The LEAF Electric Car

nissan_nsany_leaf_ev Nissan (NSANY) is making headlines this weekend with the unveiling of its version of the electric car, the LEAF.  They probably won’t win any awards for the name of the car which according the press release embodies the air cleaning, purity qualities of a leaf by removing the emissions portion of the driving experience.  Not the prettiest thing either.

Name and looks aside, the vehicle sounds impressive.  The zero emission vehicle (well.. not exactly … Read the rest

Ford, Nissan, Tesla Motors Get Billions In Govt Cash For Electric Vehicles

The Obama administration is announcing this morning that it’s providing billions to Ford, Nissan and Tesla Motors for the development of hybrid and electric vehicles.  Ford will receive the bulk of the $8 billion allotted, which is the first chunk of loan commitments provided as part of the DOE’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program to further the advancement of fuel efficient vehicles in the US.  Ford will use the cash to transform factories in Illinois, … Read the rest

The Top Three Automakers in Japan Report Production Jump As Consumers Seek Fuel Efficiency (TM, HMC, NSANY)

High gas prices have led many consumers to trade in gas guzzlers for more fuel efficient vehicles. This has been a boon to Japan’s top 3 auto companies, Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

As reported on MSN Money, Toyota Motors Corp’s global output rose 10.2 percent over the past year. Honda Motor Co reported an increase of 17.7 percent, and Nissan increased their output by 26.8 percent. All of the automakers are struggling to shift … Read the rest