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Microsoft (MSFT) & Toyota (TM) Team Up On Smart Car Telematics

Microsoft (MSFT) and Toyota (TM) announced a partnership today to build a next generation smart car platform using the Windows Azure software platform in Toyota all electric and hybrid vehicles.  The on board telematics systems will provide battery charging information along  along with GPS and multimedia technologies beginning in 2012.  The goal is to provide a complete cloud based system for Toyota customers around the world by 2015 which integrates home energy use for optimal … Read the rest

Telvent (TLVT) To Collaborate With Microsoft (MSFT) On Smart Grid Software

We’ve seen Cisco making a big push into the smart grid space with recent software purchases, Google wants a piece and you can expect Microsoft to say “me too” as well just as it does with every other product it launches.  It was announced a couple days ago that Microsoft will team up with Telvent to create more efficient smart grid solutions for the utility industry.

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Ford (F) And Microsoft (MSFT) To Work Together On Better Vehicle Recharging Solutions

Ford and Microsoft just announced an agreement to work together to create more effective and affordable recharging solutions for Ford electric car drivers. With the Microsoft Hohmâ„¢ energy management application, owners will be able to decide the best time to recharge their EVs for the most efficient and affordable charging. Microsoft Hohm will be available for use with the electric version of the Focus starting next year.

Microsoft Hohm can also help utilities manage the … Read the rest