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Ford (F) Sees Increasing Demand For CNG Natural Gas Vehicles

I just posted about Obama’s energy policy speech which is helping to lift the natural gas fuel stocks.  A press release from Ford Motor (F) is likely helping as well.  They are saying that demand for CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles has been rising due to rising oil prices, government incentives and an increased number of available nat gas pumping stations.  Ford offers the CNG option on its Transit Connect E-Series vans and F-series super … Read the rest

Toshiba To Supply Drive Motors For Ford (F) Electric Cars, Will Expand US Manufacturing

Toshiba announced today it will begin construction to expand capacity at a plant in Houston, Texas and begin production on drive motors for Ford Motor (F) hybrid and electric cars the following year.  The plant will be the first phase of production in the US for electric car drive propulsion systems which it currently manufacturers in Japan.  The company is expanding its manufacturing capacity which includes production of on board control systems to batteries, inverters … Read the rest

Ford (F) And Microsoft (MSFT) To Work Together On Better Vehicle Recharging Solutions

Ford and Microsoft just announced an agreement to work together to create more effective and affordable recharging solutions for Ford electric car drivers. With the Microsoft Hohm™ energy management application, owners will be able to decide the best time to recharge their EVs for the most efficient and affordable charging. Microsoft Hohm will be available for use with the electric version of the Focus starting next year.

Microsoft Hohm can also help utilities manage the … Read the rest

Borg Warner (BWA) Turbocharger Technology Selected By Ford (F) For EcoBoost Engine

It was announced this morning that Borg Warner (BWA) will provide the turbocharger technology for the new Ford (F) fuel efficient EcoBoost engine to debut this year.  The combined turbocharging and fuel injection technology aims to increase fuel efficiency by 20%.

“Pairing BorgWarner’s advanced turbocharging technology with Ford’s gasoline direct injection on the EcoBoost engines allows drivers to experience the benefits of up to 20% better fuel economy without sacrificing performance or comfort,” said Roger … Read the rest

Winners Of Lithium Ion Advanced Battery Grants: UQM, XIDE, HEV, JCI, GM, F, A123, Chrysler

The government has dished out the funds for advanced battery research and development and the winners are….

Johnson Controls (JCI) – $300 million
A123 Systems – $249 million
General Motors (GM) – $240 million
EnerDel (HEV) – $118.5 million
Ford (F) – 92.7 million
Chrysler – $70 million
UQM Technologies (UQM) – $45 million
Exide (XIDE) – $34 million

Here’s a link to the complete listRead the rest

Ford, Nissan, Tesla Motors Get Billions In Govt Cash For Electric Vehicles

The Obama administration is announcing this morning that it’s providing billions to Ford, Nissan and Tesla Motors for the development of hybrid and electric vehicles.  Ford will receive the bulk of the $8 billion allotted, which is the first chunk of loan commitments provided as part of the DOE’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program to further the advancement of fuel efficient vehicles in the US.  Ford will use the cash to transform factories in Illinois, … Read the rest