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Google (GOOG) Testing Self Driving Toyota (TM) Prius

In a piece in the New York Times over the weekend, they pull back the curtains on an exciting experiment between Google (GOOG) and Toyota (TM) – self driving cars.  Google has been testing self driving Prius’s in secret for some time which use AI software, cameras and GPS to try to mimic human driving.

According to the article, seven cars have driven 1000 miles completely autonomously and another 140K miles with some human intervention.  … Read the rest

Another Runaway Toyota (TM) Prius Adds To PR Nightmare

The PR nightmare continues unabated for Toyota (TM).  As they continue to deny that electronics malfunctions are playing a role in the runaway acceleration issue comes news that another Toyoto Prius sent its owner on anything but a Sunday afternoon joy ride.

James Sikes of San Diego said that his 2008 Toyota Prius hybrid accelerated to nearly 100MPH on its own.  He said the mat wasn’t propping up the accelerator and that he tried to … Read the rest

Plug-in Hybrid Toyota Prius Not Expected Until 2012

A growing contingent of electric and hybrid vehicle supporters are vouching for the style and simplicity of Toyota’s Prius, one of the most popular and well-loved models on the market. Fans of the Prius have been anxiously awaiting the release of a plug-in model for the vehicle, which is expected to be available to the public in 2012. This January, at the North American International Auto Show, Toyota announced that it would release five hundred … Read the rest

3rd Generation 2010 Toyota Prius Generating Excitement & Sales

Vacationers who have been pleasantly taking in the sun in a remote corner of the world for many, many months may be shocked by the announcement, but to everyone else, the fact has been increasingly clear for a while: the auto industry isn’t doing very well. From bankruptcies to dealership troubles, halts in production and other major upsets, automakers around the world are suffering in a market impacted by a population that simply can’t prioritize … Read the rest

Mississippi Toyota Prius (TM) Plant On Hold

Although Toyota’s Blue Springs, Mississippi plant is 90% done and the company has invested over $300 million into it, the company has decided to put the project on hold due to the economic collapse, which has caused the bottom to drop out of the US auto market. Since even hybrids aren’t selling well at the moment, Toyota has put the plant on hold "indefinitely."

CLSA’s Tokyo-based analyst, Christopher Richter, commented on the decision:

"With the

Read the rest