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Google (GOOG) Testing Self Driving Toyota (TM) Prius

In a piece in the New York Times over the weekend, they pull back the curtains on an exciting experiment between Google (GOOG) and Toyota (TM) – self driving cars.  Google has been testing self driving Prius’s in secret for some time which use AI software, cameras and GPS to try to mimic human driving.

According to the article, seven cars have driven 1000 miles completely autonomously and another 140K miles with some human intervention.  … Read the rest

Toyota (TM) Invests $50 Million In Tesla Motors To Produce Electric Sedan

Toyota Motors (TM) and Tesla Motors announced this morning that they are partnering to produce Tesla electric cars in a recently closed Toyota/GM plant in Fremont, California.  The plant was closed just a few weeks ago, taking 4,700 jobs with it, but reviving the plant is good news at least for a portion of the workers.  When production begins in 2012, about 1000 workers will be needed.

Tesla currently sells the Roadster, but the new … Read the rest

Toyota Motors (TM) Gets Sell Rating, Time to Buy?

Toyota Motors (TM) has taken a beating along with the rest of the market over concerns of a crumbling global economy, but with the move to hybrid and electric cars well underway and expected to continue (despite a temporary decline in fuel prices) Toyota will continue to benefit big as a leader in the fuel efficiency revolution. 

Is it time to take a look at Toyota as an investment?  The stock is now trading about … Read the rest