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UQM Technologies (UQM) Gets Another Deal With Proterra For 150 Electric Bus Propulsion Systems

UQM Technologies (UQM) announced yesterday it received another large order from hybrid/electric bus manufacturer Proterra and will supply 150 electric propulsion systems for use in their new all electric buses.  The initial supply term is for one year and the total contract could reach $1 million.

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"We are pleased to continue our multi-year relationship with Proterra as the propulsion system supplier for their state-of-the-art … Read the rest

Altair Nanotechnologies (ALTI) Signs Long Term Lithium Battery Deal With Proterra For Electric Buses

Altair Nanotechnologies (ALTI) could use some good news.  With its stock trading at 40 cents a share, it’s on the verge of extinction.  Today it got some.  The company signed a long term lithium battery supply deal with Proterra for their hybrid and electric buses, allowing the buses to recharge in 10 minutes.

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The two companies have partnered in the past and this purchase order … Read the rest

Altair Nanotechnologies (ALTI) Announces $850,000 Follow-On Order From Proterra

Altair Nanotechnologies has just announced that it has received a new $850,000 follow-on order for its advanced lithium-ion battery modules from Proterra.  The batteries will be used in Proterra’s electric and hybrid transit buses, especially the electric 35-foot Proterra FCBE 35 transit buses.

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In a press release, Terry Copeland, President and Chief Executive Officer of Altairnano, commented on the order:

“This latest purchase order will allow Proterra … Read the rest

Altairnano (ALTI) Nets Battery Contract With Proterra

After 18 months of demonstration and testing, it’s official: Altairnano just snagged a contract with Proterra, a company that makes EV and electric buses, worth $898,400. Under the agreement, Altairnano will supply Proterra with its advanced batteries, each of which contain Altairnano’s 1P10S module configuration.  In fuel economy equivalency tests at the University of Pennsylvania, electric buses using these batteries were able to obtain 20 miles per gallon- a 400 percent improvement over buses that … Read the rest

Electric Bus Developed by UQM Technologies(UQM) and Proterra Beats Competitors In MPGe Tests

The 35-foot Proterra electric bus, which is powered by a PowerPhase® 150 electric propulsion system from UQM Technologies, was able to reach over 20 MPGe in fuel economy equivalency testing. The testing, which was conducted by Pennsylvania State University, simulated three different travel situations: central business district, arterial and commuter.

In the tests, Proterra’s electric bus scored as follows:

Central business district: 21.35 mpg

Arterial: 17.55 mpg

Commuter: 29.23 mpg

In a press release, executives … Read the rest

UQM Technologies (UQM) Powered EcoRide Electric Bus Debuts

ecoride be35 electric bus The EcoRide BE35 battery electric transit bus, developed by Proterra LLC is making its debut in a showcase tour across four California cities (San Jose, LA, The Sac and San Fran) that began on Feb 6th.  The bus is powered by a PowerPhase 150 propulsion system from UQM Technologies (UQM) that provides regenerative braking allowing the bus to recapture over 90% of the vehicles kinetic energy available during braking.

“The fact is, emissions free transit … Read the rest

Proterra To Showcase Hybrid-electric Transit Bus Using UQM Technologies’ (UQM) Engine In San Diego

UQM Technologies announced that Proterra LLC will showcase a prototype of Proterra’s its HFC 35 composite body, zero-emission, battery-dominant hybrid-electric transit bus at the American Public Transportation Exposition in San Diego. The bus is powered using UQM’s PowerPhase® 150 propulsion system. The HFC 35 can carry 37 passengers, and it will make it’s real-world debut as part of a nationwide trial sponsored by the FTA starting in 2009.

Here are some more details about the … Read the rest