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Power One (PWER) Smashes Estimates, Posts First Quarterly Profit In History, Up 23% AH

There’s reason to celebrate if you’re an employee of Power One (PWER) and certainly if you’ve been a shareholder since September.  The company reported its first quarterly profit in company history after the bell today.  The anticipation of this day has certainly been building in this stock as it vaulted from about 1.20 in September, hitting a peak at nearly 5 bucks just three months later.  It’s since given some of that back and trades … Read the rest

China Ramps Up the Renewable Energy Rhetoric: 5Fold Increase in Solar By 2020

China is making bold predictions about its renewable energy ambitions over the next decade.  Alison posted an article about their wind energy ambitions earlier today and  there is another article discussing their solar ambitions, saying they will smash their 2020 estimates for solar capacity.

In the article, a researcher for the National Development Reform Commission (the economic planning ministry) says China is set to smash its target for a roll out of solar power … Read the rest

Renewable Energy Portion of Obama Speech to Congress

Here’s the text of Obama’s speech last night related to energy:

We know the country that harnesses the power of clean, renewable energy will lead the 21st century. And yet, it is China that has launched the largest effort in history to make their economy energy efficient. We invented solar technology, but we’ve fallen behind countries like Germany and Japan in producing it. New plug-in hybrids roll off our assembly lines, but they will run … Read the rest

Ernst & Young on Renewable Energy

The credit crunch has so far had little impact on the attractiveness of renewable energy as an investment, according to Ernst & Young.

From March 2007 to June 2008, the Wilderhill Clean Energy Index [NEX] rose by 17%, compared with an 11% decline for the FTSE index. The solar sector has shown a rise of 56% during the period, while wind companies fell 7% and biomass stocks were down by 34% on average.

E&Y … Read the rest