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Cramer Flip Flops On MEMC Electronic Materials (WFR), Now A Favorite Solar Stock

Jim Cramer did a piece on solar stocks last night and said he still doesn’t like China solar stocks (many of which are up at least 50% in the past few months) and that the way to play it is with a beaten down US solar company – MEMC Electronic Materials (WFR).  From an industry standpoint, he highlights the fact that oil prices are inching closer to $100 once again and the increase in construction … Read the rest

Cramer On Tesla IPO (TSLA): Only Good For A Test Drive

I don’t often agree with Jim Cramer’s recommendation of when to enter or exit a position, but I think he’s spot on in regards to the Tesla IPO which begins trading next week under the ticker TSLA.  This is a company that is currently all hype and hope.  While the company has some big names behind it including “the taxpayer”, success is far from guaranteed and profits will be a good 3 years away only … Read the rest

Telvent (TLVT) Posts Surprisingly Weak Earnings, Stock Crushed

We’re almost exactly one month removed from Cramer’s bullish call on Telvent (TLVT) touting it as a great speculative play.  In that post I mentioned the call was irresponsible after such a torrid run and a quick read of the technicals would have indicated that distribution was coming in, a topping signal.  The stock was ripe for a correction, possibly a steep one.   The stock is down 30% since that call was made.  Granted, we … Read the rest

Cramer Late To Party On Telvent (TLVT): "Great Speculative Smart Grid Play"

Jim Cramer has a good history of recommending stocks that are well overbought and he’s adding another one.  Last night on his Mad Money show he recommended a few smart grid plays – Itron (ITRI), Cooper Industries (CBE) and Telvent (TLVT).  I have long highlighted ITRI as the best and safest way to play the smart grid long term and it remains in a firm up trend.  CBE is an interesting pick and one that … Read the rest

Cramer Likes Suntech (STP) & Yingli Green Energy (YGE) On A Pull Back

With all the news of China’s government ramping up support for renewable energy, Jim Cramer now likes the China solar plays, particularly Suntech (STP) and Yingli Green Energy (YGE).  When I first saw the call, I couldn’t help but think “here we go again, Cramer’s late to the party and recommending solars after a massive run”.  However, he did express concern over pricing, inventory and oil prices which he said could weigh on the … Read the rest

Aerovironment (AVAV) Breakout – A Diversified Play On Alternative Energy

architecturalwind_avav_small There are few stocks breaking out to all time highs and even fewer, if any, green stocks trading at all time highs. I have one for you today.  The company is Aerovironment (AVAV), often recognized for its rooftoop wind turbine systems with  farms in place at Logan Airport in Boston as well as other commercial properties.  However, that isn’t their only green initiative.  They also develop a solar pump controller to facilitate access to water … Read the rest

Jim Cramer Recommends Clean Energy Fuels Corp (CLNE)


Last Night on CNN’s Mad Money, Jim Cramer recommended Clean Energy Fuels Corp as a good alternative energy investment. Clean Energy Fuels  Corp is owned by Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens, who recently put forth a plan to wean us from our dependence from oil called Pickens Plan. The Pickens Plan involves replacing as much of our power generation as possible with renewable sources such as wind, and then switching over to natural gas for … Read the rest

Cramer Likes Ener1 (HEV) & Sociedad (SQM) For Lithium Battery Play

Jim Cramer said on Mad Money that Ener1 (HEV) is one of his first favorite speculations.  He said “”That’s one of my favorite speculations. I think that you want to be in that. It’s a lithium battery company. I also like Sociedad Quimica (SQM) as an even better play.”

Developing smaller lithium batteries than can hold increasingly longer charges while remaining safe will be a big barrier to wide spread adoption of electric plug in … Read the rest